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  1. Someone said my beat for Cake Collective reminds them of Afro Samurai. 

    That’s fucking sweet. ^ , ^



  3. Kinda like The Mid better than Club Vinyl.
    Weird to admit. Club Vinyl as three floors with a sweet roof top. It was gorgeous. The whole place looked great. Workers were very nice as well.

    But still. My heart is for The Mid.



  5. Saw Snakehips last night. They were great!

    Club Vinyl is a weird vibe for me though.



  7. Look at these people. Not liking Born To Do It. SMFH

    Listen to ‘Last Night’ and tell me it’s not good. kThanks




  10. : ) 

    you’re welcome. I’mma mess with this soon. 


  11. I’m finally settled in two weeks at my new job. The income is coming back which makes me stable. And happy. Which means I can start working on tunes again. I’ve started so many projects/tracks lately that I’m happy with, I’m getting so close to a solo release. Expect one this winter. : ) Now this is gonna be genuine and true to myself. I wanted to release an EP last winter but was too chicken. I know enough right now for at least a couple people in a car to node their heads to, or even a cutie to dance to while prepping herself for the day. This is going to be chops that I’m extremely happy about and if you see me play them live, I’m going to dance like an idiot cause I love them so much and they describe a part of me I can’t speak of. This isn’t going to be HUUUUUGE trimmed ‘samples’ these popular ‘future funkers’ are getting appraised for. It’s making the art form of sampling look bad and the sample gods very angry. 16 or even 32 bars of japanese funk, j-pop or whatever looping with the volume turned up and some filter work isn’t right in my mind. Just had to get this off my chest cause the public is getting taking advantage of currently and I want to change that. Show them and myself, sample is an art form and this is how is done. 

    My solo release is solo. No collabs from bigger names to promote myself. It’s from my funky-whiteboysoul, my record player, to my computer, to my mpd, to my computer again, & finally to your ears. 


  12. KEATS//COLLECTIVE - Tuuwa - We Are

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    Tuuwa - We Are

    The great KEATS COLLECTIVE is back at it again with Future Funk Friday Vol. 3a wonderful 12 track mix of sampled funk, soul, and R&B. The track that grabbed me first was Tuuwa’s “We Are”, which eschews vocals in favor of a beats and horn approach. As much as I love old funk and soul vocal samples, I think it’s harder to make a quality track without using them, and that’s exactly what Tuuwa does here. You can get the whole compilation over on Bandcamp, pay-as-you-want style; enjoy.